One example of the "more" in Reef Stew & More is the addition of a coral farming operation in the facility. The coral system is completely separate from the fish breeding so there is no chance of contamination and so the particular needs of each can be met precisely. We grow different types of coral all the time so please contact us to see what we have in stock and ready to ship. Some examp...

Explore our Facility

Explore our Facility
Take a look around the Reef Stew & More facility by visiting the photo gallery and watching the series of videos created by YouTuber ArizonaFishkeeping. System 1 grow out = 38  20 gallon tanks + sump = 1000 gallons System 2 grow out same as 1 Breeders 42 tanks 500 total gallons Coral & Goby system 6-20 gallon tanks & 2 frag tanks 250 total gallons Quarantine fish syste...

Other Species

While our focus is primarily on breeding Clownfish we can't resist the occasional challenge. This is why we are also working to breed several other species such as assessors, neon goby, and dottybacks. There's no telling what we'll try in the future!


Though Reef Stew & More is very proud of all of our products we are primarily a clownfish breeding operation. We have developed a method of breeding and feeding the clownfish that produces optimum health and strength in a parasite-free environment. We also use fast and safe shipping methods to insure live arrival of the fish your business orders.

Reef Stew Reef Stew is a specialized diet contained in high quality water invented to feed clownfish fry from hatching until they are large enough to take commercially prepared foods. Making sure that his clownfish are provided a balanced diet high in nutrients is one way that Reef Stew & More ensures healthy animals. Other Uses Of course Reef Stew's applicati...